Learn how to Fail Better!

Feel anxious about success? Stressed you’re not going to sustain your marks? Worried you’ll be found out soon? That you’re an impostor? You’ll be letting people down if you don’t get things perfect? Is failure not an option? You are not alone.

What if you do fail? Maybe you’ll realise that failure is not as bad as it might seem. Failure is not an option, it’s an essential part of deeper learning and enjoyment. Imagine not feeling afraid of failing, of realising that messing up can be an important part of the journey, that you are allowed to enjoy yourself at university! Imagine how much you will learn if you dare to let yourself mess up once in a while.

Sign up for a short coaching programme to help you fail better! Funded by the Lancaster University Friends programme we’ve designed this programme to challenge you to put into practice strategies for you to learn more and unleash your potential.

Interested? Email the team at whatif@willmedd.com for more information about enrolling