The main purpose of the research part of the project is to develop resources that will help students who are currently inhibited by a fear of failure. The project also has the following academic objectives:


  1. To develop a better understanding of the extent to which fear of failure impacts on student performance and enjoyment at university.
  2. To evaluate the potential of a participatory, coaching-based approach for addressing this problem.

The main method will consist of participant observation where the researchers will note the main themes and learning resulting from the discussion at the workshops.

Participants will be given the opportunity to submit reflective journals to the research team to inform their analysis.

The research will be used to help create and design supportive resources for future students. These resources will include:

  • An interactive workbook of coaching-based exercises for students to work through which will enable them to engage with failure in more creative and productive ways.
  • A workbook for staff, outlining the key messages from students and suggested support strategies. This will include specific exercises to encourage them to incorporate approaches developed through ‘Failure to learn’ into their teaching.
  • Filmed interviews with the research team and any student and stakeholder participants who would like to be involved in the dissemination. The videos will capture key messages from the project in a direct and engaging way.

We will also use it for academic purposes. This will include journal articles and academic conferences.