What’s Involved?

Failure to Learn is a coaching programme to help you release your fear of failure and unleash your potential!

The coaching-based approach means we will encourage you to challenge yourself to change your relationship to failure in ways that will help your learning as well as sense of wellbeing. Coaching is an invitation to become more aware of your own habits and responses, to realise where you could make alternative choices, and to find the confidence to trust yourself in what you do.

  • A two-hour interactive workshop. This will involve reflecting on your experience of failure in a university context and support you in designing alternative personal strategies to enhancing your learning (for example how you will approach your next assignment, how you will learn from feedback).
  • Over a six-week period you will ‘test out’ strategies developed at the workshop. During this time, you’ll be supported by two group coaching calls from Will Medd. You will also be encouraged to keep a reflective journal.
  • A half-day end of project workshop where we pull together people’s experiences and co-design core messages for other students (and their teachers!). This will be supported by award winning writer Rob Young.
  • The programme also involves a research element run by Dr Beccy Whittle (Lancaster Environment Centre) and Dr Liz Brewster (Lancaster Medical School).

How do I sign up? Send an email to whatif@willmedd.com with one sentence stating why you’re interested in the programme and what you hope to gain from it. We’ll then send you further details about times for workshops and what’s involved with the research element.